Mobile & Web App Integration & Development

Putting in place a concrete integration and development process is a critical part of every digital success.
UiRevolution swears by a strict three step procedure for guaranteed market success – Creation, Assimilation and Execution

For all our projects, we execute all backend operations with the help of Salesforce integration or SharePoint integration. Our back-end operations work in-sync with the development processes executed for each project. We focus on understanding all the complexities that are at play while developing a software application. With a hard-working testing team like ours, automation testing is implemented flawlessly with the help of a balanced automation strategy. 

We start off with functional testing, starting from the lowest level through to the very highest ensuring the best service outcome for our clients. While we work on our designs, we constantly engage with the requirements of our clients - every step of the way. Our software development processes engage with constructing a design for your products that’s a reflection of who you are. 

UiRevolution believes in end-to end user journeys and building a strong development framework remains our goal for each day.