Alexa Apps and Machine Learning

Alexa is finding her way into the homes and hearts of millions across the world in a span of just a few years. What began as an experimental idea that was contained within the laboratories of Amazon Inc., ballooned up into a concept that has evolved into nothing short of a human companion to many in the world today. Amazon Alexa is a voice activated service that powers the Echo products that are marketed by the company. Having worked with the concept of AI in a previous project of ours, UiRevolution has been eager and receptive at engaging with Alexa Apps and Machine Learning.

Machine learning involves the use of Artificial Intelligence to analyse and work with data. As an upcoming area in technology, machine learning has found its place in our projects as well. Our trained team of engineers work towards building on the concept of Alexa and machine learning to further enhance your user experience. Your virtual assistant would no longer be a box in the corner of a living room, but a product perfectly designed for executing tasks flawlessly.


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