Srinivasa Rao Munagala (Srini)

Founded in the year 2011, UiRevolution has a vision to create a digital world that’s for everyone. Co-Founder & Director Srinivas Rao Munagala works towards just this. His foresight and analytical thinking has helped the company achieve newer heights. Having garnered over 18 years of experience in leading development teams, Srini is known for his "always ready to face the challenge" attitude amongst those who have worked with him.

A constant learner, Srini is always open to learning new technologies and finding more accommodative business solutions. A keen and open-minded observer, pushing technological boundaries has always propelled his professional life. Previously, he accelerated the growth of a development team from 5 to 60 members while executing the role of Head of Development and Research at The Hyperfactory Global.

As part of his current role in UiRevolution, Srini leads all testing and development measures. Alternatively, he has also been managing the implementation, timelines, and budgets of large-scale infrastructure and development projects for global multilingual mobile applications and websites. Along with integration and development of solutions using different technologies like iOS, Android,, J2ee, Amazon S3, Cloud Front, Salesforce cloud applications and .Net. Other areas of expertise include heading and leading operations in India, leading development teams, mobile internet platform development, coding, infrastructure planning, dealing with SMS platforms and Cloud.

A master of mobile internet platform development, Srinivas has previously built and managed several delivery platforms for innumerable global clients like RIM, Toyota USA, Qualcomm, and MasterCard.

And, the secret to his success?

Srinivas’ willingness to face every challenge with an open mind and an open heart!