Encouraging a culture in workplaces

Social clubs can promote a friendly environment in the workplace. It also improves the effectiveness of the work produced.

Social clubs can plan for events like lunches and trips.


Reinventing the social club

A way to plan for social events is to fundraise within the team. Here is where we come in.

If we could help you manage social clubs using an app, would you be happy to help us by answering the questions below?


Help us by answering some questions

Who runs it? How do people decide on the event? How are the money matters organised? How are the invites given out? etc.
How many teams are there? How many people are part of the teams? What is the turn out for the events?
Do you wish your company ran more social events? *
Do you feel that it is interesting to know how much has been raised for a fundraiser? *
Do you feel that it is interesting to know who donated (and how much) for a fundraiser? *
More about the fundraiser
Some ways to fundraise could include: selling snacks, bake sales or just donating freely.
Cash, card, other forms of payment?
e.g. for bake sales: Who baked it, ingredients, etc.