Sleepyhead manages re sellers to sell their beds. They needed a way to for customers to easily make a warranty claim. Their warranty portal was not in line with their newly developed website and branding. When customers got to the warranty portal of the website they found themselves in unfamiliar, unbranded territory with an unintuitive experience. This resulted in drop offs, abandonments and a large number of phone calls to their customer call center.


Why we did it

To create a more seamless experience for the customers and empower them to a higher level of self service. We also wanted to ensure that the experience was as good on mobile as desktop.


How we did it

We worked with Zen desk to implement the team to overlay a responsive design. Zen desk is a customer support ticket platform that helps customers track and follow their support tickets. Assigned and managed by a sleepyhead support help, we ensured that the platform conformed to Sleepyheads’ design.



Seamless, well-designed customer support portal where customers feel they are lead to handle the process.