Fulton Hogan has a zero harm policy within their organisation. To this end they have instigated as company wide health and safety policy mandating that risks and issues are captured, monitored, and improved upon.


Why we did it

We wanted to help Fulton Hogan expand their zero harm policy into a system that can help sync the head office with real life issues or improvements their employees wish to report on.


How we did it

The My Voice App operates offline and syncs back to the head office when it finds internet.

The app doesn't just report on incidents and issues that have occurred but also captures opportunities for improvement and has facilities for noting when something good has been seen.

As well as capturing data from the field teams, the health and safety team is able to use the back office admin dashboard to log leadership actions for the team leads and encourage them to follow up on improvement plans.




The app and the back office dashboards are instrumental in connecting the office teams and the field teams in a conspiracy of improving health and safety for everyone across the business.

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