Fulton Hogan - Innovative construction site management


Foremen of Fulton Hogan, we present you with the revolution you’ve been dreaming of. We know how often things you wrote on paper were blown away by cruel pales of wind sweeping through the site. We know how often the departments blamed you for miscommunication. We know it was not your fault. Not yours, good men! Not yours!

This is 21st century, millennium 3 in the making. You could not continue this way, with pen and paper, when the digital world is upon us with a vengeance. Change was required, and change has come to you. It has come with a bang. It has come in the shape of a new and comprehensive app. No more paper work! From now, it’s either app work or nothing! We’ve done our work for months designing this wonderful tool so that you could spend mere seconds doing yours. We’ve thought with your own thoughts, and we’ve seen work through your daily frustrations. Now the time of paper wrestling is gone. We’re doing you justice!

This is an app that creates order in the chaos of your everyday work. It rationalizes all processes, centralizes your records, and places orders for you, wherever and whenever these orders are needed. This custom-made app makes the logging of jobs a piece of the proverbial cake. The magic of orchestra conductors is now at your fingertips. You’ll be able to organize and play a whole symphony of operations, without having to travel back and forth, to offices where even the coffee gets cold after a while. You’ll be able to log jobs and interact directly with the department you need. You’ll be able to master all operations, because the app will allow you to see everything you need to see and to plan ahead everything that needs to be done. You’ll be able to manage your own time like never before.

Foremen of Fulton Hogan, the revolution is taking place as we speak! Get your tablets, access your apps, synch your data, show them how it’s done.

  • iOS iPad
  • Sales Force Integration
  • Offline Sync - Works offline and Sync's when near a wifi connection
  • Real time reporting and progress graphs
  • Back office dashboard integration and collaboration with field teams

7 BOMB - Where little videos, win big prizes

7bomb is a little action hero video to win platform, where skate and snow tricks win you prizes. There isn't a limit to how many times you can enter, and once the video is submitted, the entrant has 7 days to get as many 7bomb votes as they can.
 7Bomb Best usable enterprise IOS ,Android ,windows applications Development Company Auckland
From the App users can upload videos from their phone gallery or by using the custom in-application video recording we created for 7Bomb. 

Each video goes through an admin moderation process once it's submitted, and once approved from the admin dashboard, it then gets reflected to the app and to the website.

  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Tablet
  • Responsive web
  • Push Notifications
  • Parse Integration
  • Multi Channel Video Encoding
  • Web Administration Dashboard for approving videos

Enough bragging from us, you can check out 7bomb for yourself from the links below: 

Go to the Website
Download Andriod
Download iPhone


Custom Utes - Modernising ute accessories


Ute enthusiasts have been waiting for this. Let there be revolution, they said, and we signed up to add technical support. The online insurgency cooking up in New Zealand is now in full swing.

Because image is what keeps the flame of revolutions ablaze, we’ve made sure every single model looks its best. With the responsive design employed here, content resizes automatically, taking the width of the browser as the reference measurement. So whether it’s a PC, a notebook, a tablet, or a smartphone, the Ute of the users’ dreams looks like the dreams of their best buys.

Designed and developed from scratch by UiRevolution, including the photography of the products. This app opens the road to authentic online experience. Easy editing and management of product inventory, quick links, rapid uploads, good looks, all in the same place.  The app we’ve created answers well the necessity of modern, fluid browsing, where customers are kings and us their lucky courtiers.

Check it out here:

iOS, Android and Desktop Responsive web
Supports Tablet, Phone and Desktop
Editable with SilverStripe CMS integration
E-Commerce Enabled


Renault New Zealand - Responsive web design and development

High-octane cars plus high-calorie app equals high satisfaction. We’ve put them together to create this online experience for the customers of Renault New Zealand. Users are quick to notice the responsive design, which optimises size, panning, and scrolling as they move from one device to another. We’ve aligned the experience to the highly flexible ways in which communication is done in this second decade of the third millennium.

With this app there are no red lights. The highways are open and information flows easily. When it comes to ease of access, there’s no speeding ticket; not with us. Users can explore the whole range of cars on sale like it was their driving test. Without the stress, of course. But with guaranteed satisfaction.

  • Responsive design for Phones Tables and Desktop
  • SilverStripe CMS integration
  • Autoplay vehicle stock integration
  • Facebook Feed
  • Market to Marketing Automation
  • SEO optimised

Merchandiser - Making stock management easy

Managing stock quality and levels is simple with the Merchandiser app.

All integrated into the same system, the job and the main office can be updated with each store's locations stock-levels, advertising quality, and stock quality. Merchandising has never been so easy and user-friendly.  

The back office creates Job tasks, pushes them to multiple merchandising staff and schedules store visits. When visiting stores the merchandising team use their integrated app to check on the merchandise, tidy it up, replenish the stock, take a GPS and time stamped photo from their app and feed it back to head office for real time reporting.

The result is improved quality of the work output, integrated real time reporting on job status and a compliance audit trail.

  • Multi-screen supported Android App
  • Back office dashboard
  • API integration
  • Amazon data cloud integration
  • Use of a Micro Services architecture

SHAG MARRY KILL - Hand in hand with social networks

It doesn’t take a degree in linguistics to figure out the meanings. Our US-based client wanted an easily-accessible Android app that played along the lines of the social networks of our days. No headaches, no irritation, no worries - is what they asked for. In other words: maximum simplicity and fun. We did our part and we had our share of fun in the process. An app with a bright future, Shag, Marry, Kill runs on a combinatorial algorithm that randomly picks images uploaded by the users and turns them into objects of fun. Playing with this app involves choosing between three options (yes, we mean the ones in the title) and making do with what comes out of this game of coincidences. There's always a surprise around the corner. But wait to see the laughs!

  • Multi-screen Android device support
  • API integration
  • Administration dashboard

Time Out Magazine ( APN )

Augmented reality was seen as an innovative way for readers of the timeout magazine to find gigs and events around town. Simply open the camera and view nearby events over-layed on the screen. The Timeout App also made use of image recognition to enable readers to hold their phone over an article in the magazine and more deeply engage with the article or the ad.  Advertisers were able to integrate videos with their ads or pop up a 3d fly over animated model of the product in their ad.  All this by simply waving the app across the page. No QR codes required.

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android
  • Touch sensitive 3D animated product flyovers with augmented reality
  • Image recognition
  • Event Finder API integration
  • Augmented Reality camera overlay
  • Google route and way finder integration
  • Metaio Augmented reality integration

NZ Lotteries

NZ lotteries needed their adaptive mobile site built for Android and iPhone to be delivered on time and to budget.  UiRevolution picked up the project half way through, quickly understood the requirements, ensured the project was delivered to spec and supported the team through the warranty period.

  • iPhone adaptive design
  • Android adaptive design
  • Silverstripe integration
  • ESI Game engine integration
  • Purchase of game tickets on the phone