A huge amount of knowledge existed among individuals and teams that wasn’t being shared. Team leads are encouraged to get their teams to make short videos on how best to achieve tasks.


Why We Did It

We wanted to help Fulton Hogan encourage their employees to share information among each other. Whether it's advice that's been passed down over decades, or a recent one that's just a few weeks old, all of this is being encouraged to share.


How we did it

An iOS and an Android app allows for viewing videos and content offline in remote areas. Staff subscribe to channels that suit their interests and are notified when new content is posted by their peers. The videos are categorised and uploaded via a SharePoint intranet.

PDF’s fact sheets with further information are attached to the videos. The App encourages users on how to do things better, how to stay safe and it propagates best practice.




Many of the team members have worked at Fulton Hogan for more than 25 years . As the work force ages, the company is ensuring that the older team members share their wisdom before they retire.