The Fonterra Activate competition asked 8 innovative teams to pitch ideas to help farmers be more productive, innovative, safer and globally competitive. 

  • Each team was tasked with presenting their prototype to a panel of judges from a variety of backgrounds relevant to the dairy and farming innovation industry. The format of the presentation followed a “Dragons Den” approach.

  • Our Job Done App takes first prize!

Why We did it

  • We wanted to help farmers get more done with less resources.

  • New Zealand farms have loads of technology for managing cattle, sheep and grass, but very little for managing their human resources.


How We Did It

We teamed up with Nigel Taylor, a fine young, down to earth, smart farmer from New Plymouth farmer.

We put on our gumboots and spent time on the farm.  We led the boys through a thorough tech/design process and helped them to create the app they knew they needed.


We delivered a UX model and a UI design running within a prototype iPad App in 6 weeks.

We won the competition because of design thinking. We co-created a solution - with farmers for farmers.  


Check out a day in the life of a typical farm. It is time we reimagined how this works!