As the New Zealand housing market booms rapidly, HomeBoost wanted a solution in which buying and selling houses would profit the buyers, agents as well as the  independent sellers. HomeBoost would provide agent listings and private listings and help out buyers with mortgages, lending and buying a home.


Why We Did It

We wanted to help HomeBoost achieve this by providing them with a system that gives power to the users through an intuitive and clearly designed responsive UI.

We wanted to help  HomeBoost  have a fully responsive website so that their users could access  HomeBoost  anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

We wanted to help HomeBoost have a fully responsive website so that their users could access HomeBoost anytime, anywhere, and on any device.


How We Did It

We created a responsive website where agents and independent sellers can list their properties and buyers can then view and place offers on them. With the help of Keystone CMS and web application framework, we successfully created a powerful database driven website. This allows HomeBoost to manage significant data and content changes within the back-end, front-end and integrate them into their auto-generated admin UI.



What we created was a clearly designed UI in which buyers can browse through available properties listed by agents and private sellers.

The team at HomeBoost believe that New Zealand is without a doubt the best country in the world to live and call home. However, owning a home here has become expensive and unfortunately out of reach for many Kiwis. HomeBoost has been launched to help Kiwis achieve their home ownership goals.
— The HomeBoost Team