The Produce Company

The Produce Company is a proudly 100% New Zealand owned and operated firm that specialises in delivering fresh and high-quality produce to the hospitality industry since 2001. With their loyal customers wanting an easier way to place orders and receive the best of their high-quality delivery style, The Produce Company approached UiRevolution with the idea of launching their own mobile app to establish and enhance their online presence.

And, creating this app was a joy-ride to begin with!

UiRevolution made sure regular testing sessions with the sales & customer service team at The Produce Company were conducted every step of the way while working on the app design and functionality. The constant feedback we received from The Produce Company and their users helped in creating the best possible user-experience for online ordering.

Designed for our restauranteurs based in New Zealand, The Produce App lets you order items in bulk. So, you don’t have to worry anymore about finding the exact number of tomatoes you might need for your amazing salad!

The application works in integration with Accredo, which is the inventory system for Produce. Some of the technologies used to develop the app are – iOS and Google Firebase.

Top Features of the App: 

  • The in-stock seasonal fruit/vegetables are the first visible products once you login to the app.
  • Over 4000 variants of products are available for order.
  • Order by the kilo!
  • Filter categories as you order – don’t want it, don’t see it!
  • Custom home screen shows your commonly ordered items.
  • Access the shopping cart from every screen!
  • Checkout option available right when you want it.
  • Changing the address or contact details under your profile is now easier than ever – just call The Produce Company and their representatives will take care of that for you!
  • Gone are the days of wondering when you’d receive your order! Choose to get your order delivered at your own convenience – choose from the list of days / hours in the day when you’d like your order to be delivered!

Go by The Recipe!!

Now you don't have to worry about missing out on that one tiny ingredient which can make or break your dish – because The Produce app will have all that you need to create your culinary masterpiece!

Choose from over 4000 variants of food products and order only as much as you need.

Want to remember this list of products for next week/next month too?

No worries! The Produce app makes sure your frequently ordered items feature on the home screen when you log in. Any price changes you want to grab on? That’s featured too!


UiRevolution has helped in creating an extremely simple app for restauranteurs to use in-between their super busy schedules! It would hardly take a few minutes to build a list and place an order with The Produce Company’s user-friendly interface on the app.

Make your shopping experience an easy-breezy one!

The Produce App is available for Download on all iOS devices.