eTimesheets is a Mobile Business Application designed to help employees and contractors who need to log in their hours of work for payment. Designed for our partner, Fulton Hogan, eTimesheets has been designed for employees to login from desktops, mobiles or tablets using their company credentials and entering their hours worked irrespective of their location. 

How Does It Work?


A custom-made mobile app, eTimesheets can be accessed alongside eDJR or Electronic-Daily Job Report which enables a site manager to access and change time-sheets for their employees.

Let us begin by looking at the features of the eDJR Mobile App first:

In the eDJR Mobile App, the foremen for each project need to record a summary of work completed each day, by their job, detailing all the labour, plant and materials used on site. Traditionally this was done on paper-based daily job sheets (or DJR's), and then handed in to respective managers for review and processing. Information collected on the eDJR is important for several key processes including the calculation of internal plant costs and linking each project to a job code. The eDJR Mobile app interfaces with the DJR Manager desktop application for the Fulton Hogan managers to view and approve daily job reports and run reports to track how their department is doing in real time.

The main functionality of eTimesheets includes:

  • Enter time and attendance

  • Record job costing information

  • Maintain leave record

Device screens_tablet1.png

Unlike DJR or eDJR, this app is not solely a manager’s application but can be accessed freely by an employee.

On the screen seen above, once you have tapped on time-sheets, you would view a page which would have dates and blocks for you to enter the number of hours you've worked, number of hours you've taken as break-time followed by your project details. On each row, you would also be given the option to view if you are allowed time-sheet allowances based on your project type. Fulton Hogan provides add-on allowances for certain projects or work types, if you are eligible for such an extra allowance, this should come up on the right-hand of each row, once you tap on the three dots in the corner.


Once you have entered your hours for each day, you can submit it by tapping on “submit” at the bottom of every page. eTimesheets also allows you to view and make requests for leave. Check out the image below

Device screens_tablet2.png

Clicking on New Leave Request enables you to apply for leave immediately. The new leave request option opens to a pre-set form which you can quickly complete and submit in a matter of minutes!


Once you have submitted your request for leave, you can view the status of your application on the same page which would shift between, Submitted to In Progress to Approved/Declined.

The next option on the Main Menu is the Activity Log. Under this tab, you can view the hours you have submitted, whether they have been approved or are in progress of being approved or declined and lastly, you can also view the status of your leave here. 


As a Fulton Hogan application, eTimesheets is closely related to eDJR as pivotal features of both applications have been synced together and members of the company can view the changes from either application. Employees can add eDJR time bands to their timesheets with just a tap. This option, which can be found under “add time band” option on the row can be edited or deleted and would be visible on the time-sheet row where you enter the hours, as seen below.


An edited eDJR time band would have the text on top. A deleted eDJR time band is displayed as a row and it gives the user a link to the activity log where they can find out more information about why it was deleted.

This brings us to the possible issue of an overlapping eDJR time band. If a time band that gets pulled in from eDJR overlaps with an existing time band, the overlapping time bands will appear differently and would be easy to spot on the screen.


Desktop App

An employee friendly app, users can access eTimesheets by going to and using your company credentials to login.

Device screens_desktop.png

Fulton Hogan provides add-on allowances for certain projects or work types, if users are eligible for such an extra allowance, this should come up on the right-hand of each row, once you click on the three dots in the corner.

Mobile App Design

With the mobile app, the screens for eTimesheets are a lot more compact so that the user experience is enhanced.

Device screens_mobile1.png

By tapping on timesheets, you would be able to view a table where you can enter the number of hours you have worked next to the dates and days of the week. If a time band is pulled from eDJR, as seen in case of a tablet or desktop, it would be visible as you enter your hours in timesheets. 

Device screens_mobile2.png

After a user has entered their hours adjacent to each day of the week, they can tap on save and then go back to the main menu.

In case of a time band overlap for a day occurs with eDJR, the day will receive a warning icon on the period view screen. 

Device screens_mobile3.png

Users can submit the timesheet and go back to the main menu to access the Leave tab. On the main menu, you can see LEAVE listed under the timesheets tab. On the Leave tab, you as the user can view the number of annual leave days left, long service leave days and alternative holidays. When the user selects the 'Requests' tab on the 'My Leave' screen, they will see this screen.

Device screens_mobile4.png

The user can select either 'Partial day' or 'Full day or more' to go ahead with the Leave request. To close the draw the user can tap the 'X' or tap anywhere above the tab to return to the page.

The next tab on the main menu is the ‘Activity Log’, consisting of:

  • Two tabs, 'Time' and 'Leave'

  • The 'Time' tab will show the user all the status changes against each of the user’s available timesheets

  • The orange notification on the menu button is used to indicate an unseen activity within the activity log.=

Device screens_mobile5.png

If you tap on ‘leave’ under activity log, you will find all the status changes listed against each of the user’s leave requests. The orange notification on the menu button is used to indicate an unseen activity within the activity log.

Device screens_mobile6.png

Pop up messages will alert you if there are any changes or updates.

Device screens_mobile7.png

Lastly, under the tab named ‘History’ on the main menu, the user will find all their activity along with a list of approvals or declines from the manager. You as the user can also view the number of leave days and the payments that have been made against the dates you have submitted on the timesheet.

To leverage the data that is already captured by each of the Fulton Hogan employees every day via the eDJR, this data is interfaced onto individual employees’ timesheets. So, employees can simply log into the eTimesheet app, check whether the details entered are correct or make any adjustments and then submit the timesheet for payment. This saves a significant amount of time when compared to paper-based timesheet entry. Data is updated in real-time between the two systems (eDJR and eTimesheets), so any changes made by an employee would be visible to their managers both via the eDJR Manager as well as the approver for eTimesheets.

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