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Brani Mead

UiRevolution is the result of a strong client service experience. Our Co-Founder and Director of Information Architecture, Brani Mead oversees all our client interactions and works towards the exponential growth of each project. With over 11 years’ experience in mobile creativity and design across multiple continents, Brani is the brain behind strategy building and leading customer experiences on digital screens.

Brani’s current role as the Chief Curiosity Officer at UiRevolution is one he wears with ease. He is someone who understands innovation and strategizes tactics that can build stronger business relations. Brani follows through with project teams to make sure nothing’s going wrong with the build-up and he also works with the testing teams to make sure all specifications made by the clients have been followed. A conceptual thinker at his best, Brani has the mind of an artist and the brain of a tech-genius!

In his previous role as a Director of The Hyperfactory, he has been responsible for product development, partnerships and applied innovation while building on strategy solutions for clients. Brani’s vast quantum of experience includes working with programme management, overseeing strategy workshops, creative ideation, operations management and modelling of user interface across the delivery life-cycle.

In the past, Brani has worked with clients like Kraft Foods, Taco Bell, Coke, JC Penny, Best Buys, Nestle, Blackberry RIM, Toyota, Vodafone, Proctor and Gamble.

As part of his current role at UiRevolution, Brani is our architect. The one we turn to for product expectations, advice on design and pretty much everything else!

UiRevolution is lucky to have him!