Fulton Hogan has a history of innovation in construction that spans for over 80 years. Fulton Hogan is a large enterprise with more than 5000 members of staff. To help the company continue to improve and grow through innovation, we are encouraging our teams to share and enjoy each other's ideas via an interactive Kiosk App.

The innovation kiosk is a touch screen tablet fixed in lunch rooms and reception areas that allows customers, staff and suppliers to view the company’s top innovations. 


Why We Did It

Innovations are exciting, the teams are doing some amazing work, well worth celebrating. We worked with the Fulton Hogan teams to ensure that the ideas were executed with the same level of innovation and attention to detail.


How We Did It

  • Salesforce integration provides data and back office tools so the innovation team can:
    • Curate the best ideas
    • Channel the ideas through a workflow and approval process
    • Output the ideas to multiple channels and devices
    • Handle permissions to ensure only the right people can see commercially sensitive data.
  • The project supports a wide range of devices like:
    • Responsive web renders for phones, tablets and desktop devices
    • Native iPad Air App
    • Native iPad Pro App
    • Native Apple TV (TVoS) application for the boardroom.
  • Through imagery, animations, video and engaging transitions, we encourage teams to interact to play and engage with the content. 



  • Familiar place for staff to load up their ideas.
  • An efficient administration portal for the team to review and approve ideas. 
  • An engaging iPad kiosk for staff and a beautiful big screen Apple TV app for the boardroom.
Since our innovation strategy was introduced at the start of 2015, we have seen a significant shift in the way our people approach and share information
— Chloe Smith, National Innovation Manager @ Fulton Hogan