Boosted is a crowdfunding platform made just for Kiwi artists and donors, allowing anyone to donate or seek funding for art projects all around the country. Boosted has been around since 2013 and has already proven a success with a growing collection of funded projects totalling over $1 million and a showcase of local awards. 

One of the recent notably successful campaigns that Boosted have launched include a film project by Gemma Gracewood. Gemma launched her Boosted campaign in March 2015, requesting $10,000 to help fund post-production costs. In just 27 days Gemma had achieved much more than expected at $13,808. This was enough to let Gemma complete the documentary which then saw it earn a spot at the New Zealand International Film Festival. 

Gemma is just one example of what can happen through Boosted's crowdfunding platform, when all the focus is on the art and not on rewards or return; the projects that come through are all incredibly exciting and unique.

If you're interested in Gemma's project you can take a look at it here.

Those of us at UiRevolution are very happy to be working with the Boosted team as their digital support. We've got a bunch of experience and talent with tech, and the Boosted team has an inspiring passion for the arts, it's a great combo and we're looking forward to seeing where the ride takes us all.