According to "flurry" the global realtime analytics platform, when it comes to mobile, fewer and fewer people every year are using their browser, instead they are reaching for an App.  

Flurry tracks more than two billion devices each month with more than 10 billion sessions per day and what they say is alarming news for the digital industry in general.  

Mobile use is up 35% from last year. No surprises there. The year of mobile was yonks ago, 2011, the official year we distributed more phones globally than computers. Whats more surprising is that Browser use has halved again from last year in favour of apps and shows that browser use makes up only 10% of users time on their phones. 90% of mobile useage is spent inside Apps.

So who cares? Well anyone who has a web business should care, anyone who services business who run a web business should care. Anyone who's thinking they have the digital world figured out should care because without the browser what happens to search? There is no search, well at least there is no search as we currently know it. Without search there is no SEO, or Google and the eco system of the web that we thought we knew is about the be re-imagined again, again.... or was that again, again, again again? Im not sure, I've lost count.

Of course, the browser is never going to vanish. Its existence is assured on desktop for a long time yet. In fact arguably search is whats going to keep it alive. However the dominance of the browser is eroding incredibly quickly and on mobile its taking a massive beating.

I love this canvas we call the internet.  Its like a crazy creative painting that never stops moving.

Check this link here to check out the flurry metrics.