“Our lives will be facilitated by a myriad of adaptive applications running on different devices, with different sensors, all of them collecting tidbits about everything we do, and feeding big digital brains that can adapt applications to our needs simply because they get to know us.” - Márcio Cyrillo

Successful entrepreneurship and application development work hand-in hand these days. With the advancement in technology and the innumerable updates that happen within a business domain it’s sometimes hard to keep track of things.  This is where app development comes in to play an important role. Each mobile development platform has its own ecosystem. To know the nuances associated with each mobile platform is the challenge app developers face every day. A well-functional app becomes a marketing strategy that powers growth effective measures for the business. To discuss the development architecture and tools required, you need to start off by digging deep into your needs from the application first.  There are three main technologies, based on which apps are mostly developed: 

  • Native 

  • Cross Platform 

  • HTML 

This demarcation based on single-platform and multi-platforms are slowly merging as most businesses are turning to hybrid platform usage with HTML as the bridging tech-entity. 

Let’s begin by looking at the top five reasons for your business to incorporate mobile applications -

1.    Marketing Strategy 

With the rapid rise in competition when it comes to tech-businesses today, having a mobile app will give you the slight edge you need. For businesses focusing on customer experience enhancement, application building is a technique that ties up all the loose ends. As a marketing strategy, mobile apps widen your customer reach. With more and more people relying on their smartphones to lookup for tech-solutions, having a downloadable app will be a major boon. Due to the wide userbase in iOS as well as Android, most companies design applications that work on both platforms.  A mobile app is your contribution to the world of tech-innovation – especially if you are the first in your field to do have one! A mobile app enables seamless navigation about every detail you want your customers to be aware of, thus helping in building a direct marketing channel. The app can provide basic details about your products, its pricing and subsequent engagement measures. Having all the information needed on these products and their pricing allows customers to take their time and evaluate their purchase. Therefore, becoming a marketing window for a possibly new customer base!

2.    Cultivating Customer Loyalty 

What most companies these days forget is the importance of customer loyalty. With a great new app and possibly several downloads later, you know you’ve got a strong customer base.

Now, what? 

How do you hold on to that brilliant customer base?

The answer is to reach out to them through seamless app building. Applications enable customers to have all details for purchase at the tip of their fingers and this pushes them to navigate more freely before investing in a product or service. This saves customers the time and energy from calling up a company /retailer or visiting them personally to know about a product. With the option of a customized user account, customers can also link their personal profiles to social media.

Customers can also use the app to provide feedback and post any queries they might have, thus encouraging a healthy engagement.

3.    Reduction of Cost Serve 

Having a mobile app has been found to serve several long-term monetary benefits. One of the benefits is saving the cost of having a call centre or an information centre to respond to customer queries. An app can serve as a medium that customers can keep referring back to and this makes the engagement with the product or company much faster. 
As a cost reductive factor, an app can build a faster customer base than a manually operated call centre where communication become a vital point of concern. 

4.    Additional Sales Generation 

With greater customer engagement comes higher sales generation. For most large-scale retail firms, mobile apps become means to promote products and services through discounted prices and short-term offers which increase the number of customers using the app. Google Search and social media often helps in promoting these discounts and offers through scrollable advertisements.

5.    Building Brand Recognition

Building brand recognition becomes pivotal to businesses of any kind. Be it network building, public exposure or some PR activity, businesses around the world constantly strive to maintain and grow their brand’s worth. 

So, how can a mobile application increase your brand recognition?
Most businesses around the world, irrespective of whether they are service based or product based companies, root themselves in finding an easy-to-access concept to build their customer base. A mobile app does just this.

For us at UiRevolution, most enterprises come to us with an idea of app development to either tackle the problem of a largely growing customer base or to use an application to limit their use of resources. We can all safely agree that an app cuts down on the hassles of face to face or telephonic conversations. It helps in building the public image of your business as a customer friendly firm – a firm that puts the quality of service or product above everything else. 

The best thing?

The app can be anything you want your business to be!

An app can be modelled or re-modelled based on your needs and the needs of your customers/partners. When a potential customer witnesses such prowess, it is not just your brand but your company as a whole that gets recognised.

At UiRevolution, we are proud to have worked with several large enterprises who each brought with them unique concepts & ideas that led us on a path of learning and innovation. With each project, we learned something new and with all the knowledge we have gathered & hope to gather in the future, we welcome any project that can excite us with the possibility of creating something remarkable.