"The truth is that digital transformation is actually not about adapting to new technology at all – it’s about directing an organisation to be more adaptive to change itself.” – Lindsay Herbert  

Imagine a day without the internet.  

A day without social media. 

A day without your smartphone. 

Took the last one too far, eh? 

We are surrounded by the marvels of technology. Our car, our mobile phones, the bridge we take to reach work, the Tesla X that zooms past you every morning – digital is everywhere. 

With every expanse it covers, definition of the term ‘digital’ is changing every day. It is no longer limited to just one thing. Every entrepreneur wants to use digital to create something unique. Businesses around the world boom as they use a ‘digital idea’ to recreate something out of the box. A simple Google search for the term ‘Digital’ will confound you with the vast sweep of results that pop up. At UiRevolution, we believe in using the power to be digital to make lives easier for those around us. Our clients are those who strive to make a difference with their innovative products.  

Digital Transformation is an idea that begins with your company’s ability to recreate and utilize newer advancements in technology. What begins with small changes evolves to accommodate larger demands within a business setting that’s incorporating digital transformation techniques. Technology advancements happen every day – to be a true digital transformer is to be abreast of these advancements.  

At UiRevolution, we focus on how digital transformation ideas can weave into each of our projects. With digital innovation as our constant motive, we make sure we’re learners every day. 

Our e-Timesheets mobile app is a worthy example of this. Developed for our business partner Fulton Hogan, e-Timesheets is a custom-designed mobile application which made lives easier for thousands of employees and contractors who had to fill out a bundle of pages to get paid for the jobs done. Before the idea of the app had been fabricated by authorities at Fulton Hogan, all their employees/contactors, scattered across Australia and New Zealand, worked on projects that required them to log their hours for payments manually.   This is where the bundles of pages came in handy. 

But the authorities realized the tediousness of the task involved and wondered how a digital idea to incorporate all of this into a single application would make lives easier for their hardworking taskforce. 

That’s just what we did! 

e-Timesheets is an app that continues to unfold like a wondrous digital dream. 

A truly digital company will incorporate methods, ethos and technologies that reflect unique transformative measures through all its future business projects. 

This is what we continually hope to achieve through all our entrepreneurial endeavours!