AUT Resilience harnesses a range of far reaching and proven tools to support people in their journey of building resilience and mental strength.”

The ultimate outcome is to significantly and positively impact the mental health and strength of the students at AUT, to communicate that help is available, to provide self-help, and to help route more severe cases through to the right channels.


Why We did it

AUT Resilience provided us with the opportunity to help AUT students build mental strength to help deal with stress and mental illness. This is more prevalent during exam time when students are under a lot of stress. The app is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to mental health and will help put them on the right path to wellbeing.


How We did it

For AUT Resilience, we teamed up with AUT  and Inspired Learning to design an app just for the students that focused on their mental health. We led them through the design process and came up with the best solutions together.



Provided audio files to help with resilience work and practice through simple exercises designed to help students through any tough mental challenges.

A friendly space for students to work on their mental health and easily access further help.

AUT Resilience is available on iOS and Android mobile devices so that AUT students can access the help they need from anywhere.

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