Fulton Hogan are Australasia’s largest contracting company. Their trucks are working on different projects at different times across a range of different areas.

Transport costs are a large expense for the paving team, who have no way to track the actual use of transport.


Why we did it

We built Fulton Hogan a job reporting and vehicle transporting iOS app that tracked vehicles as soon as they left the weigh bridge. 

Building roads is the core business of Fulton Hogan. Transporting asphalt makes up a large proportion of their costs.


How we did it

We integrated the app with Salesforce which also integrated with Fulton Hogan's other internal systems. This is where we exposed the data that we needed from the app, providing an uber like experience for trucks. It traced their whereabouts and gave information on the materials they were carrying. 

By integrating with the weigh bridge when the vehicle leaves for a job we are able to know what it’s carrying and where its going.



The Asphalt Deliveries app allows the asphalt team to track vehicles, minimise data entry and avoid unproductive communication trying to locate vehicles. When their order arrives they only have to check the details, log the time it arrived and the temperature. No more repetitive paper work and greater focus on the quality of the work.