Anheuser-Busch are one of the world's largest breweries, carrying brands such as Bud Light and Beck's. In the US their products are distributed via a complex array of reseller channels, making it difficult for Anheuser-Busch to get a clear insight to how often and in what quantity their beers are sold. 

Why we did it

VMob provides an incredibly flexible and robust mobile voucher platform. They were given the challenge to help resellers of Anheuser-Busch move more products through their bars. Having worked with VMob before, Ui Revolution was contracted to help deliver two things, an app for the bar owners and integration with their TVs.

How we did it

We created a small device in partnership with VMob and Technocell, that plugs into a bar’s TV allowing the owners and managers to overlay ad's onto them. This device coupled with an app provided staff a way to create and showcase offers on the TVs while they continued streaming live sports.


What we ended with was a way that Anheuser-Busch resellers could very quickly and easily create and promote a product, having it displayed on all the bars TV's within seconds. This system is valuable to both resellers and Anheuser-Busch, it allows staff to make decisions on the spot based on current stock or what's popular that day or night. This in turn gives Anheuser-Busch a better insight as to what they can sell and when.