Imagine having more than a thousand staff fixing and maintaining roads, footpaths, footbridges and stormwater runoffs all across the country. 

There are hundreds of projects happening at the same time with various levels of changes in day to day requirements for each project. Now imagine the amount of information making its way from the field teams, through to the back office and out to different clients.


Why we did it

The challenge we were faced with was speeding up the flow of information so that faster and better decisions could be made. In most cases speeding up the flow of information saves and adds money.

Introducing useful tech tools to teams that usually shy away from technology, making their lives a little easier while still supporting the information requirements of the business. We wanted to give them great tools to get the job done quicker while improving information flow through the processes.


How we did it

We created reusable resource templates to allow the teams to copy data across days of the week. Replace paperwork, provide offline access so teams can work in remote locations. Provide ruggedised iPads to handle the abuse of construction environments.  



  • Reduced information flow from weeks to days.
  • Improved communication between field teams and back to office staff.
  • Improved accountability of information.

Technology is now seen as a tool, not a pointless toy. We added a new mindset among the workers at Fulton Hogan.